About Our Practice

We want to practice primary care medicine the way it was meant to be. A close partnership between you and your medical team is priority to make sure you reach a healthy 100-year-old milestone.

Our doctors will use their skill and expertise to provide you with state of the art preventive medicine. In cases where hospitalization occurs, our team will continue to oversee the treatment and progress of our patient. Our close ties with one of the Largest Hospitalist group in central Florida guarantee that patients will receive the same level of care we provide at our clinic through daily communication and progress monitoring.

We work with the best-known specialists in the community, including, but not limited to, Cardiology, Pulmonary, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Hematology, Urology, Surgery, Podiatry, and Infectious diseases.

We are a paperless office. All written documents are scanned into your electronic medical record. You will have access to your chart at all times via our secure patient electronic record portal.

Our Goals

Our goal is for patients to be seen by our doctor within 72 hours for non-emergency cases, and within 48 hours post hospitalization. We value our patients and their time and strive to see patients in a timely manner.

We will always provide empathetic follow-up care to ensure that patients understand doctor’s recommendations and have access to their medications. If needed patients will be provided with information on the availability of local and national resources that may help with their medical needs.

Patient’s financial status and insurance companies will be considered when writing prescriptions, ordering labs and making referrals and recommendations.

Patients will be invited to participate in-group programs including diabetes management and smoking cessation.